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Tips To Minimize Time and Money Spent on Auto Repairs


Nov 24, 2020

Dealing with any form of auto repair can be a serious challenge. Unless you have a secondary vehicle at your disposal, it often means either borrowing another vehicle, working out a riding arrangement or perhaps, doing a lot more walking that you may want to be doing. So, as a vehicle owner, it is important that you do your part to see that vehicle repairs are kept to a minimum. There are many actions you can take to prevent extra time and money being spent in the garage.

At least once a year – or every 12,000 miles replace the air filter. Yes, an auto repair shop can do this, but it is a 10-minute job, that will make a big difference.

Be sure your windshield wipers in top working order. Unless you live in an extremely rainy region, or either a very dry one, you will need to replace the wipers at least 2 times a year. Replacing the wipers is a great way to keep other potential auto repairs – such as those incurred by wreck because you couldn’t see – to a minimum.

Spark Plugs usually need to be replaced at 30,000 miles, but it can vary based on the make and model of your car.

Change oil filter at least every 3,000 miles.

Take the time to check the battery to ensure that there is no corrosion, leaking or loose cables. Use a battery cleaning product – available at most auto parts stores – and you are ready to roll.

Flush out the radiator. This is typically needed about every 2 years. It should be one when the car is completely cool, to prevent any burns. Each vehicle is designed different, so consult your owner’s manual to learn how to best approach this task for your specific auto.

Taking proper care of your auto is a great way to reduce auto repair costs. Be diligent in your maintenance, and making time to follow up on instructions from your local auto shop, you can help your keeping vehicle going for many years.

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