• Sat. Jun 12th, 2021


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Adverse Credit Mortgages – Home Buying Tips

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  • Adverse Credit Mortgages – Home Buying Tips

Bad credit mortgage loans are available to individuals with bankruptcies, foreclosures, repo’s, low credit ratings, etc. Unfortunately, having a negative credit rating means a higher mortgage rate and a limited choice of lenders. Still, there are numerous home loans to choose between. Thus, homebuyers with bad credit can easily qualify for a mortgage read more



Tips To Minimize Time and Money Spent on Auto Repairs

Dealing with any form of auto repair can be a serious challenge. Unless you have a secondary vehicle at your disposal, it often means either borrowing another vehicle, working out a riding arrangement or perhaps, doing a lot more walking that you may want to be doing. So, as a vehicle owner, it is important that you do your part to see that vehicle repairs are kept to a minimum. There are many actions you can take to prevent extra time and money being spent in the garage read more